Relooking existing MHH Schemes and Policies

  1. Ministry of Women and Child Development
  1. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • The public toilet constructed for women must have the facility for ample light even after daylight. The location of the toilet must be decided through a participatory feedback process.
  • Adequate water and space must be ensured inside the toilet to facilitate change of napkins/cloth pads and to wash themselves.
  • Toilets must have a nook, shelf, or hook to keep clothing and menstrual absorbents dry.
  • To avoid transportation of menstrual waste, incinerators may be built within the toilet with chutes directly adjacent to the toilet building.
  • Funds under Solid Liquid Waste Management may be used for setting up incinerators in community toilets.
  • Schools must have separate toilets for girls with the above systems in place for Menstrual Health Management.
  • Counselling sessions and special educational sessions must be given to adolescent girls by professionals as part of their school education.
  • Need to establish a redressal/ feedback loop to be set up for every MHH and SRH scheme in India.
  • Study the demand and supply patterns of menstrual products and services within various regions in India, especially with respect to their geographic specifications. For example, it would make more sense to provide reusable products like cloth pads, menstrual cups etc in a natural disaster prone area than just bales of cloth or disposable ones.
  • Implementation of the sustainable, regulated and compliant with international standards disposal methods to assist menstruators in rural and semi-urban areas that is feasible and viable.
  • Inclusion of menstruators regardless of their gender identity as most of the schemes funded by the government leave out a section of transmen, intersex and non-binary menstruation out of the discussion surrounding periods.
  • Establishing menstruator led community level campaigns to start conversations about periods and providing them with adequate resources to do so.
  • Social and financial audits on the impact, sustainability and implementation of the varied schemes
  • Open source information on financial records and in turn viability of schemes that promote entrepreneurship on menstrual products for replicability and scale considerations across locations
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for procurement, disbursement and disposal of products that percolate at the last mile delivery and beneficiary levels
  • An executive plan for concerted coordination and action, even a nodal convening ministry to coordinate all efforts related to menstrual welfare schemes, as it is currently a siloed disjointed system
  • A specific plan to address those marginalized from the system within the service delivery scope of the aforementioned schemes, particularly for street living menstruators/homeless, sex workers, menstruating trans communities, etc




A social enterprise that works on Menstrual Literacy, Advocacy, Policy, Programming and Sustainable Products. Executive Editor: Bharti Kannan,

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A social enterprise that works on Menstrual Literacy, Advocacy, Policy, Programming and Sustainable Products. Executive Editor: Bharti Kannan,

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